Have you ever walked into a bar and felt like you don’t belong?

Bar Stools

 You’re not quite sure where to sit. Maybe flashbacks to your first day of high school. Perhaps feeling a bit intimidated or straight up awkward.

Deciding to sit at the bar, you walk over to the bar top, find a chair as far away from the action as possible. The bartender greets you warmly. Provides a menu for you, and pours you a glass of water. As you peruse the menu you recognize very little on it. Then the bartender asks, what can I get you?”


This was me roughly 20 years ago. At that time where I lived in Eastern Washington there wasn’t much to choose from in the spirits categories. The cocktail renaissance was starting to rumble in New York, London, and San Francisco. The revolution was still a good five years away.  Television shows like Will and Grace as well as Sex in the City were influencing cocktail choices.  

Even as a kid the entertainment industry had me enamored with the sophistication of cocktails. The movies I grew up watching were from the 30s and 40s usually taking place in a supper club. It was idyllic to me.  Fast forward to 2007, craft cocktail bars start popping up all over my new home of Seattle with the same look and feel of those movies I loved. Although for me it would be another eight years before I would start to immerse myself into the spirits industry.


Now here I am sharing what I learn with other consumers about cocktails and spirits.