The idea for this page came from one of my favorite books. Although with my own spin to it. This page and the writings are in respect to John Steinbeck, and Neil Gaiman. Their works have helped me to escape, think, and explore.  Most of all this page was inspired by Ursula K. LeGuin. LeGuin helped me realize I am a writer. Even if I may not feel like one, own it anyway. The term writer can be subjective. Also, both her and Gaiman are quick to point out there’s no one way to be a writer. Even experienced writers don’t have it all figured out. Most of the time you will spend more time thinking about writing then you do writing. What you write about should have passion behind it.


This sounded all too familiar. There are so many things I want to write about. Unfortunately, I had this fallacy that real writers, true writers found it easy to write. This isn’t entirely inaccurate. However, as usual I didn’t give myself enough credit, not surprising.  So I decided why not write about the random not cocktail oriented subjects that interested me? A collection of bits and pieces of writing without a home.

The idea for Asinine came from John Steinbeck’s book, Sweet Thursday. In the book he dedicated two chapters to Hooptedoodle.  Short stories or musing he had in the path of his book. Why he did it I’m not sure. Although I liked the idea because it was a nice break before diving back into the heady issues he tackles in the book. I liked it so much that I decided if I ever wrote a book I might do something similar. Well, here is my something similar.  

Listening to the audio version of Neil Gaiman’s book A View from the Cheap Seats  has sparked memories of my Gramma, my love of books, and bookstores. Gramma shared with me her love of learning and reading into old age. Truth be to...

This story was supposed to be the start of a novel back in 2012. I haven't touched it since it was written. 

Serena awoke to bacon frying. This is one of the reason she liked staying the night at Gramma and Grampa de Prins’ house. Gramma...

This poem and the books it came from, a series of childrens books from the early 20th century, are one of those things I filed away. It wasn't until I started to push away cobwebs and remember how I came to love books that I rediscovere...

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