• Laurie

Short Story Start

This story was supposed to be the start of a novel back in 2012. I haven't touched it since it was written.

Serena awoke to bacon frying. This is one of the reason she liked staying the night at Gramma and Grampa de Prins’ house. Gramma made a proper breakfast. Serena hurried out of bed to clean up for breakfast. Twenty minutes later, Serena was in Gramma Bea’s kitchen in a clean sundress, and sandals. Grandpa Wim was already at the table with his breakfast half eaten reading the morning paper. Gramma Bea had just sat down when Serena came into the kitchen.

“Good Morning Little One,” Gramma Bea smiled at Serena.

“Now hurry up, your breakfast is getting cold,” Gramma Bea instructed.

Serena made her way to the head of the table where her breakfast plate was waiting for her. Gramma Bea continued, “We have lots to do before the barbecue tonight.”

Ten minutes later Serena’s Dad was knocking on the door to take Grampa Wim fishing. It was a tradition for her Dad to take Grampa fishing on his birthday. They usually didn’t catch much. Grampa didn’t mind he just liked to be out on the river. Serena and Gramma Bea wished Zane and Grampa Wim well on their fishing expedition, and returned to their breakfast.

“Gramma Bea, after we are done with chores this morning can we go to the store?” Serena asked.

“What do you need at the store?” Gramma Bea responded.

“I’ve been savin-up my money and want to get Grampa Wim a box of chocolates for his birthday!” Serena exclaimed.

Gramma Bea responded after a long pause, “We’ll see what the day holds, and if there is time we will go to the store.”

This wasn’t the response Serena expected. Her happy cheerful demeanor changed to frustration. “Please with sugar on top!? I promise I’ll be extra good and help with all the chores without complaining,” Serena pleaded with her Grandmother.

Gramma Bea reiterated, “I can’t promise we will make it to the store but we will do our best. Now finish your breakfast and after that, you can help by picking the carrots. I need to clean up the breakfast dishes, strip the beds, and start the wash. After that we can pick the peaches, and the beans.” Serena deflated, did as Gramma Bea said.

As she walked down to the garden, she thought about it. She knew they wouldn’t have time. Her mother had promised to take Serena to the store yesterday but her mother ran out of time too. It wasn’t fair! She wanted to buy a gift for Grampa Wim’s Birthday just like everyone else. However, as her brothers loved to remind her she is only six years old and the baby of the family. She wasn’t like everyone else. Serena reached the garden.

Serena loved Gramma and Grampa de Prin’s garden. She spent many hours playing in it. The de Prins’ had a large backyard but only the back half was garden. Grampa set up the garden with raised beds because he said it was easier to manage and it provided better results. The better results were evident as the garden burst at the seams with ripening vegetables. There were 10 vertical beds, and all the beds were 8’ x 4’.The bed where the carrots lay in comparison to the other vegetable beds is rather small, especially the beans that took up two and a half beds. Serena found a medium milk colored plastic bucket with the faded lettering Gold n Grai on the side of bucket under the garden sink. Gramma Bea repurposed old Golden Grain ice cream buckets to pick the garden harvest.